Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Hello there! I am back again from my - I think- longest blogging hiatus so far. Not that it really was an actual, planned one; I just don't find myself, the computer and time in the same sentence anymore. Internet, I miss you! It is also not always easy or the first thing that come to mind to blog about mundane things in a world that is on fire and a heart full of Weltschmerz. I am also clearly getting old(-er) for real now, even wiser perhaps, as I have stopped pushing myself at 1 am and instead go to sleep. Who would have thought.

But. Aaaanyway, I am featured in the latest edition of Rockabilly Deluxe magazine! It is with a piece I was asked to write about me and the Finnish burlesque scene.

Order your printed copy online, woop woop!

Friday, 12 August 2016


I'm back home again and now straight off to enjoy Flow for one day and then to perform at Huuhkajavuori Blues tomorrow!

I am actually rather excited to be able to catch a day of Flow Festival - the other years I have been busy or not even thought of attending (and sometimes also slightly annoyed over the hype for the coming festival that begins as soon as the past one is over, although, there is a reason for that- Flow is an extraordinary happening) -I was at Flow back in 2008 but not since. This year however with Iggy Pop and Massive Attack and a clear spot in the calendar I gave it a go and got Eddi and me Friday tickets for his birthday.
Flow is a lot more than just the music acts though, with arts, installations and talks and food experiences (Yazzz!) all sustainably organised - the carbon footprint of the festival is neutral.

Then comes of course the question of what to wear! For now in a vintage dress and Hasbeens, but there's still some time to go, and a risk of rain, so this might still change a few times...

Thursday, 4 August 2016


I've juiced and jammed and refridgerated berries like whoah the past day - black currants, red currants, cherries! And the kitchen looks like a murder took place; it's red and sticky everywhere.

All the juice-and jam making is a bit funny though as I don't consume that much of neither and also try not to let the younger ones get too much of those...

But  -sometimes homemade cherry juice is just the best thing there is.

And now I'm off to Reperbahn to dance for a few days! Ta-ta!

Tuesday, 2 August 2016


When we were in Denmark, in the middle of Jutland (for our Legoland visit)  a couple of weeks ago we took a drive west to the coast and it's endless beaches.

It was the only moment of our trip (apart from a sudden rain in Copenhagen) that it wasn't super hot and sunny. But sometimes weather doesn't matter.

I remember we've been somewhere around the same beaches with my family as well when I was a kid, in the late eighties. Not sure where we were then exactly, but the sand was white, the wind was hard and there were jellyfish everywhere.

This time we only found one and it seemed pretty much not-that-alive-anymore.

And mini starfish!
You may stumble upon jellyfish at home but along our coasts in the Baltic Sea there aren't really any starfish.

Waiting for the waves.

I collected some rocks and sea shells. You have to do that when you go to the beach.

 Dag then got a little carried away.

All soaked but happy.

 But you can dry yourself in the wind!

Although later having to go home in mommy's clothes he was not that happy anymore.